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August 2013: Read the Independent’s Review of Football, Madness and Me,

August 2013: After a years filming, Football, Madness and Me will be broadcast on 13th August 9pm BBC3

June 2013: Crazy for Party Drugs features in a discussion at Sheffield Documentary Festival entitled: ‘Who gives F*** about Single Documentaries’. We do!

February 2013: One month after the broadcast of Crazy for Party Drugs, self-referrals to the Leeds Club Drug Clinic have tripled! Keep up the good work Dr Roche and team

Jan 2013 Crazy About Party Drugs will be on BBC3 soon. Made in collaboration with lots of brilliant young people and with the Leeds Club Drugs Clinic.
Check them out

Oct 2012 Filming has begun on a new programme for BBC3 about the PMA football league. We’ll be filming over the upcoming football season and the film should we should be finished next June.

Oct 2012 Episode 10 of One Born Every Minute featuring Vicky and Janet and their sweet baby Eva has been nominated for a Stonewall Award. Well done Vicky and Janet!

Nov 2012 ‘Letting Go’ has won a creative Diversity Award. Well done team!

March 2012 You can watch my two latest episodes from One Born Every Minute on 4od now.

July 2011 Filming has begun on a new film in Mumbai with new NGO Kranti. Check out their work here: http://www.kranti-india.org/


• Nominated RTS Young Journalist of the Year 2009 for 'Young People and Alcohol'
• Nominated RTS Award 2007 for ‘Holloway Hairdo’
• Won ITV News Best Documentary 2007 Award for ‘Holloway Hairdo’
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