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Episode 10 nominated for a Stonewall Award for portrayal of a lesbian couple

Episode 6 broke the One Born record with 5 million viewers, under the pic and title before the blurb

: Channel 4 2012 2 x 60 minutes

The emotionally-charged documentary series returns. This time the BAFTA-Award winning fixed-rig series comes from Leeds and is packed with drama from the North. There's a new team of characterful midwives, lots of new mums and dads and, of course, babies.

Episode 6

In this dramatic episode we see that every pregnancy and birth is unpredictable and an easy early labour is not necessarily an indication of what happens towards the end.

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Episode 10

Three sets of parents demonstrate that family bonds can be forged in wildly different circumstances. Vicki (32) and Janet (39) have been together for 11 years and tied the knot of civil partnership in 2007.

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Production Credits:
Line Producer: Louise Ryan
Composer: Justin Nicholls
Series Producer: Dominique Foster
Series Director: David Brindley
Executive Producer: Peter Moore
Executive Producer for Channel 4: Madonna Benjamin
Editor: Chris Beresford
Producer/Director: Kate Taunton
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