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Revolutionary Daughters
Al Jazeera English, 2011, 30 mins
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A half hour observational documentary about two charismatic young women who've started an organisation in Mumbai that goes beyond the reach of traditional NGOs.

Some NGOs rescue trafficked girls, but young activists Robin (26) and Trina (23) wanted to do more than that. Their organisation, Kranti, which means 'revolution' in Hindi, works with the daughters of sex workers not only to change their lives in the long-term but to transform them into the leaders of tomorrow. In the process, they seek to challenge perceptions of women and revolutionise their role in Indian society.

Production Credits:

Production Company: Mandrake Films
Assistant Producer: Lucy Porter
Production Manager: Amber Parsons
Editor: Taimur Khan
Executive Producer: Lucy Baxter
Executive Producer for Al Jazeera English: Kashaf Chaudhry
Directed, produced and filmed by: Kate Taunton

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