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Channel 4 News, 2008, 8 minutes

A short film about three young people who are struggling with drinking in different ways. Scott from Bath was hospitalised with liver damage at the age of 19, Katie from Pembrokeshire is worried that her weekly binge drinking has got out of control. And in a specialist liver ward in Derby hospital, where the number of young women with alcoholic liver damage has doubled in the past ten years, we hear from 23 year-old Stacey who has been hospitalised many times due to her drinking. This film is currently being used in schools and colleges throughout Lincolnshire as part of a four-year addiction prevention programme.

Nominated RTS Young Journalist of the Year 2009

Production Credits:
Production Company: Minnow Films
Assistant Producers: Nikki Comber and Kate Griffiths
Editor: Lee Roberts
Composer: Simon Harding
Executive Producer: Morgan Matthews
Commissioning Editors: Fiona Campbell and Mike Radford

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