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Adam cares for his mother who has MS
The head helps Billy to confront his fears
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Director Kate Taunton handles her charges thoughtfully and empathetically, and she’s rewarded with heartbreaking honesty…. A triumphant hour of inspiring human interest” (Gabriel Tate, Time Out)

BBC3, 2010, 60 minutes

Four young people aged 12-14 endeavour to overcome the traumatic effects of bullying at a network of specialised centres for kids who've been so badly affected by their experiences that they can no longer attend mainstream school. Filmed over eight months, with unique access to the organisation, Billy, Adam, Phoenix and Toby are helped to come to terms with the past, overcome their fears and rebuild their confidence so they can return to mainstream life.

Transmission: 25th November at 2100 on BBC3

Production Credits:

Production Company: Minnow Films
Producer: Kate Griffiths
Executive Producers: Madonna Benjamin and Morgan Matthews
Film Editor: Samuel Santana
Composer: Mat Davidson
Commissioning Editor: Fiona Campbell
Camera, Producer and Director: Kate Taunton

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